Psych225 / CS322

Triangulating Intelligence: Melding Neuroscience, Psychology, and AI

Winter 2022, Tue 1:30--4:30pm, Littlefield 103


This course will cover both classic findings and the latest research progress on the intersection of cognitive science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence: How does the study of minds and machines inform and guide each other? What are the assumptions, representations, or learning mechanisms that are shared (across multiple disciplines, and what are different? How can we build a synergistic partnership between cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence? We will focus on object perception and social cognition (human capacities, especially in infancy and early childhood) and the ways in which these capacities are formalized and reverse-engineered (computer vision, reinforcement learning). Through paper reading and review, discussion, and the final project, students will learn the common foundations shared behind neuroscience, cognitive science, and AI research and leverage them to develop their own research project in these areas.

Recommended prerequisites: PSYCH 1, PSYCH 24/SYMSYS 1/CS 24, CS 221, CS 231N.

Announcement: Winter 2022 students, please join Piazza for discussion. All future announcements will be made through Piazza. We will also have polls on Piazza to help people know each other and find teammates.


Hyo Gweon
Jiajun Wu
Dan Yamins
Yunzhi Zhang
Office Hours: The schedule and Zoom links or locations are available on Canvas.
  • Hyo: Wednesday 11:30am--12pm
  • Jiajun: Friday 1:30pm--2pm
  • Dan: Thursday 1:00pm--1:30pm
  • Yunzhi: Tuesday 11:30am--1pm, Thursday 10:30am-12pm


Date Lecture Instructor Deliverables
01/04/2022 Background reading
No class
01/11/2022 Introduction
Hyo Gweon, Jiajun Wu, Dan Yamins
01/18/2022 Perception
Short review
Due 01/21 11:59pm
01/25/2022 Perception
Short review
Due 01/24 11:59pm
02/01/2022 Physics and Causality
Short review
Due 01/31 11:59pm
02/08/2022 Physics and Causality
Short review
Due 02/07 11:59pm
02/15/2022 Interaction and Social Learning
Short review
Due 02/14 11:50pm
02/22/2022 Interaction and Social Learning
Short review
Due 02/21 11:59pm
03/01/2022 Project presentations